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Why “Packaging as a Service” is the Future

We often talk to customers about our so-called PaaS concept. Initially, many are not familiar with it, but rough ideas begin to form when we compare it to SaaS, or Software as a Service.

But why shouldn’t what works for IT services also be possible for supply chains and with re-usable transport packaging?
First, we would like to discuss the basic idea of the PaaS principle: Packaging designed to be reused – like our returnable transport packaging – is perfectly suited for a service model. The advantages for the user are particularly evident in the daily handling of reusable products:
While disposable solutions like boxes are simply discarded after use, reusable solutions require a few more steps in the process: After use, they may need to be recycled, cleaned, and disinfected.
These steps are fully taken care of within the PaaS offering, and the customer has no effort with it – this naturally includes the pure logistics with prior planning of the routes, all for one price, from one provider.

Currently, many still perceive the additional steps associated with reusable solutions as too great a hurdle and tend to opt for non-returnable packaging because the handling seems easier. The impact on our environment, the amounts of packaging waste, CO2 emissions, and energy used for recycling and the production of new packaging are usually not considered.

The advantages and opportunities at a glance:

  1. Environmental protection: The most obvious impact of PaaS is the reduction of packaging waste and the resulting environment protection.
  2. Cost efficiency: Packaging costs are reduced through the model, as it eliminates the need for constantly producing new packaging, instead utilizing, reusing, and repairing existing packaging.
  3. Customer satisfaction: PaaS ensures consistent service quality and the effort required to switch is minimal.
  4. Innovation: PaaS encourages innovations in the packaging industry and can support the sustainable ambitions of companies.

While sustainability is an issue increasingly concerning companies, not least due to the Europe-wide obligation for sustainability reporting, “packaging as a service” is the simple answer for easy process transformations.
The effort behind packaging handling is minimized, packaging waste is avoided, and sustainable management is promoted.
Sustainable processes don’t have to be costly, time-consuming, and complicated.

Want to learn more about PaaS and its possibilities? Feel free to contact us.




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